ODAT Tracker App Reviews

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Used to be great, but now hangs.

Used to be great, but now hangs.

Handy but glitchy

I wish it would push...or put up an item notification for when something your waiting for pops up or dangerousley and autobuy feature.

Meh. Not thAt useful.

So so. Doesnt show current stats. Not that useful.

Functional but needs..

Nice app but really needs push notifications to give this app some practicality. Or keywording WITH push.

Works ok, but...

I agree with the other reviewer- it does what it should (albeit slowly)- but no auto time-out has caused me a dead battery a few times. The new Who wants to be a Millionaire logo unfortunately guarantees Ill be deleting this visual pollution from my phone. Craig- you need to get a real designer on board- get in touch!

Lacks 2 things, otherwise awesome.

There were some issues with the last thing which have been solved. There is one new bug that I have reported tho.

Poor update

Difficult to know if what is displayed are recent deals or if it has not updated yet. Im only interested in 2 sites so Ill just go to them directly and skip this app... By the time is has loaded and I get to safari the deal has already changed, might as well cut out the middle app


Since the update it runs really slowly and the new logo is not an improvement.

ODAT Tracker

I had this app before the latest update and it worked great. It updated even faster than the websites did. This latest update crashes the app every few minutes and requires a phone reboot to restart. Please fix! I am a SAC junkie and NEED THIS APP. Thanks.

Buggy as heck

This thing freezes all the time


Hangs up a lot. Isnt always up to date, either. Wish I hadnt updated.

Discount Not Working

The Department of Goods advertised discount does not work. Backcountry says the discount is NOT VALID. Do not download until this is fixed.

2.0 is sweet! Just one suggestion...

The only way this could be better is if you could just sign in and make purchases directly in the app instead of having to link to the website.

more settings

the new version is better overall, but the pics of the products are so small you might as well not have them. I want to be able to see what it is without having to open each one individually, like the last version. I also dont need it to make a sound (although mute-able) or vibrate when I just opened the app, or to update so freaking frequently.


App overall works fine. But every time you open the app theres the annoying sound or vibrate, one for odat and one for deals. I dont want any sounds or buzzing when I OPEN the app. Hard to covertly check deals during a meeting when everyone hears the phone buzzing.


Great app but Im not as stoked on the new version just cause the pictures are so dang small. And if Im having trouble seeing the pics at 21 yrs old then how do you think my dad feels?


Good but not as good as cleansnipe.

Good but needs work

I like the app but find it very frustrating that a)the item featured is not the same as the product linked to (happens occasionally) b)the featured item sends you to a retailers site that redirects the link to their main mobile site front page, not the product page, example REI.

Great in theory but

Its detecting old deals (like still showing Tramdock, which no longer exists) and linking to different sites than listed (tried getting to TheDailySteal but ended up somewhere else entirely). Its great that its free, and the concept is there, but not worth the storage space.

Great app, too much vibrating

Just wish I could turn off the vibrate-on-open feature