ODAT Tracker App Reviews

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Great idea

I like the idea and all of the deals that it aggregates. The look could be improved. It looks very antiquated.

4.0 terrible UI

Works much quicker but UI is not good ODATs and Dailys on one page is confusing.

Great redesign

The sleek and simple new interface is great. Thanks!

Its not hopeless

It usually works, but a lot of the time, the deals are expired. And I dont get why it vibrates...

If only

Its a simple idea and seems like it should be simple to execute in an app. But as others have said the deals it shows arent usually correct, and it can only get checked so many times a day?!? With a constantly changing deal, that makes no sense. Id give it negative zero stars if it wasnt a free app...

It doesnt work

Great idea,love the sites but this app is useless....the deals dont update

Only one problem

I really like this app the only problem I have with it is as it gets later in the day it says that it can only have so many requests and then wont show the deals.


Loved the app when it worked.. But new update made it worthless!

Doesnt update deals any more

Latest version doesnt update the deals, and some of the deals link to non-participating merchants. Would be good if it worked, even with a refresh button, as there arent other aggregators out there.

Good stuff but...

The app is complete doodoo! It used to have clean UI now its just sloppy. The whole API thing is lame! With all that being said I still buy stuff from the sites but my experience is not the best via this app

Bad update

Last version worked great - this one worked for a day or so and now all I get is the "API module is limited to...." error with no items showing any longer. Now it is worthless to me. Sure wish I could go back to the last version!

Not updating

New version appears to not be updating the deals. Ive had the app for a long time and have never had any previous issues

Works guys

Dont worry potential cuponing hoarder, the Users complaining about issues are issues that were either non-existent, user error, or have been fixed since. This app works just fine & does what it says. Use this app and SAVE!

What happened?

This app used to work great. However after the most recent update Im often brought to the wrong item and I dont know if this is the retailers fault, but it is impossible for me to order from whiskey militia. Im about to delete this app because its been useless to me.


Reoccurring error codes


Getting a lot of This API module is limited to X number of requests messages lately instead of showing what the deals are.

Works, But more opportunity

The app works quite well for me, however Id be MUCH more likely to use it if it would push new deals to my notification center. Im on my phone constantly, however the last thing I remember to do every 1/2 hour is check whats posted.

Works sometimes

Gets out of sync.

Can be better

When ever there is something I want to buy I click on the link and its something different. PLEASE FIX

It doesnt update!

The app says it updates every 30 seconds, but it hasnt updated since I installed it 3 days ago. Whats up?